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Giving Integrity A Voice

Who We Are

Beau Hodson: Founder, Director, and Chief Integrity Officer of The Integrious Project

“In 2008 I learned what integrity truly meant, and then became aware that everything I believed in, admired in others, and sought for myself, led to integrity, personal integrity. I then made a committment to become a student of integrity and focus on finding myself, my truth and “my integrity”. This is when my life began, the life I was born to live, but took 28 years to discover.  I was born and raised in Alaska, spent 4 years in Oregon, 7 years In Orange County, CA, and I currently reside in Chicago, IL.  My other passions include: philosophy, traveling, mother nature, basketball, movies, fishing, and a thirst to simply experience new things.”

Rhiannon Ballard:  Writer and Creative Associate for The Integrious Project.

“I came to Chicago three years ago from my sleepy hometown in beautiful southwest Virginia.  I firmly believe life is an adventure and I want to know everything about it. I have a theory for almost everything in the universe and love to swap notes with people.  I’ve moved exactly 41 times in 25 years and I’m not done.  Coffee shop baristas know me by name and I’m a proven road warrior.  I’ve lived in a constant pursuit of experiences and wisdom, which has led me along many adventures at the heart of which lies my personal quest for my own Integrity.  In my spare time I am a writer, photographer, book-junkie, mountain hiker, Western style horseback rider, amateur philosopher and a horrible snowboarder.”

Kent Weber: Web developer, Graphic designer, and SEO/marketing specialist for The Integrious Project.

“Hi, I am originally from Cincinnati, a graduate of Ohio University and have been living in Chicago, IL for a little over a year.  Interests you ask?  My interests include soccer, billiards, music, business development, frisbee, corporate sustainability, the triple bottom line, festival, books, documentaries, Noam Chomsky and coffee shops.  I became a part of the Integrious project to help with those obstacles involving technology savvy; with a goal to see Integrity in business, politics and citizenship become something that isn’t idealistic, but common sense. It’s very nice to meet you.”